Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunriver 2012

Another great year at Sunriver, what can I say? Yes it would have been more fun if I hadn't been hugely pregnant. But we still managed to have a good time. This first picture was taken at Great grandpa's house before we drove to Sunriver. We spent half a day helping him around his house and yard. The kids were having fun playing in the small pond by his house. When we were done and had climbed in the car to head to Sunriver, we drove past the pond and noticed that several of the boys had spent there afternoon throwing plastic cups in the pond. So Brent got out and helped Kaysha and Dustin try to fish them out. They couldn't reach the middle of the pond so there was some very clever techniques used...involving large logs...
Swimming at the new aquatic center in Sunriver
Bumper cars
Claire loved going to the toy store in the sunriver village. During one trip her cousin Braden spent his own money to buy her a stuffed dog that she named "slushy." She was in love with that dog and it was her constant companion the whole trip. So sweet of Braden!
Some of the family got up early to run a 5 mile 4th of July fun run. They went into it thinking it was a 5k, so were a little surprised when they had to run longer than they had planned.
Kaysha brought a pinata, which was a highlight for the kids. Who doesn't love candy falling from the sky...
Dawn and Jon planned a "crazy" dinner. There were three courses and what you got depended on how you numbered your menu. I ended up with the main course and no silverware. The kids loved it!
We had a fun talent show that Malia organized. After a lot of complaining that "we have no talents...blah, blah..." It turned out to be really fun and I think will become a new tradition
Kids playing in the sand at the pool
What I did most of the time. Sat...I did attempt to ride a bike a few times, yeah...not so comfy.

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Ditto Family said...

What a great family tradition! My kids love doing the mystery dinner -- what a fun idea for the family reunion.