Monday, July 30, 2012

Cousins Campout- July 2012

If you read my last post, you would understand that it's been a pretty lame summer for my kids.  Besides Sunriver, they have spent the past few weekends being farmed out to relatives so we could work on our house in Oregon (not that our relatives are lame!) On top of that my blood pressure has been high (hmmm, wonder why?) and i've been told to rest, rest, rest.  Which is hard to do with 4 kids that want to go out and do stuff everyday.  This first picture I just had to include...i'm not sure what they were doing, I just love how imaginative kids are.
So Friday night we invited all of the cousins over for a campout/sleepover.  We started the night with squirt gun fights and sprinklers under the trampoline.  Followed by a dinner or hot dogs, watermelon and chips.  Brent got out the go-kart and the kids took turns riding around the block.  He set up a projector at our campsite and the kids stayed up way too late roasting s'mores and watching The Incredibles. Half of them slept in the tent and half of them came inside to sleep.  The kids had a great time and i think we started a new tradition!


Ditto Family said...

Deena -- my kids had the BEST time ever at the first Annual Cousin Campout. Tyler and Alex are anxious to get in on the action next year. Thanks for being SO cool!

Julia said...

Yes, annual (or weekly--you know, whatever you're up for) tradition for sure. The kids LOVED it.

Alison said...

I'd say it's a very MEMORABLE summer, to be SURE!