Monday, January 10, 2011

A whole lotta nuttin'

I realize that committing to blog weekly may result in some boring blogs. I didn't sit down and do this last night, because I couldn't think of anything to blog about. That still hasn't changed, but here's to another typical, non-exciting week!
I signed up at the YMCA for the "new year, new you" program. So last week I met with a trainer who tested me in different areas. The results...i'm strong and overweight. (obese, if you listen to the experts) (I did manage to pull out 100 chest presses, the most done up to that point) So the goal over the next 8 weeks is to become strong and not overweight. They'll set me up with a trainer and customize a workout plan for me and hopefully in 8 weeks i'll improve in all areas. Can I just add that I hate the gym in January. It's so it bad to say that I can't wait until everyone gives up on their resolutions and clears out?
Progress is happening on our house! We are only in the permit getting stage, but the builder called today and said that he is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. He's staked out where the house will be on the property and now we continue to wait for all the permits. Hopefully the weather will let us start on time.
We never did find Cole's glasses...we went to get him a new pair last week. If he loses these ones, he's buying.
I've been released from nursery and called to teach the CTR 6 class. (Cole's class) I'm not sure if there is a reason that I keep getting called to be Cole's teacher?? I've only taught one week, but I LOVE it!
Also...just found out that I will be having a new niece! Congratulations Deyce!


EdgyK said...

If you figure out why you keep getting called to Cole's class let me know. It's not like he is a difficult kid. Thanks for the update on your family. It might seem simple to you but it's great to hear about what's going on since I don't get to see you on a regular basis anymore which still seems strange.

Good luck with your new workout. I hope it's affective and you like it. I admire how committed you are to exercise. I love your comment on the over-crowded gym.

I am still in YW even though they called a new presidency and I can't decide if that's a compliment or I still haven't learned my lesson.

Ditto Family said...

So fun to have another post from you. Your dedication to the gym has always impressed me. I'm on day three of doing a little somethin' somethin'.

Julia said...

Amen to ending the YMCA madness. I just about had a nervous breakdown a week ago as I searched for a parking spot there. My kids had to talk me down. When you finish the "New Year, New You" program, we'll celebrate by bench-pressing hot fudge sundaes.