Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best big sister award

I love this girl! Sure she gives me a hard time sometimes. She rolls her eyes and let's out big sighs...kind of like (ok exactly like) I did as a teenager. But she has such a big heart. Every week she brings home her library books from school and every week she has a couple for herself and one that she has picked out for Claire. Today was library day and the first thing she did when she got home was pull out Claire's book and offered to read it to her. She is such an amazing big sister. No wonder why I feel like I have it so easy! Malia is doing the hard part, like playing babies, playing doggie, playing kitchen. Even though she is probably wanting to do something else, she is always willing to play with her little sister. Love ya Malia!
House update: Septic has been approved (whatever that means) and permits have all been finalized. So now we are only waiting for decent weather. Basically we could start anytime, but realistically it will probably still be February. Pray that it will not be an unusually cold February in these parts!


EdgyK said...

She looks more grown up in that picture :(

Good luck with the weather, it hasn't been very promising. I'm so excited about your house.

Ditto Family said...

What a fabulous post! Malia is sure a favorite at our house too!

Thank you for making today happen for Emi and Ryan!