Monday, November 15, 2010

For the love of Pete!

There is craziness happening in Spokane. Neighbors are putting up Christmas lights, stores are decked out with Christmas decorations, and this morning on the way to school the kids said "mom play some Christmas music." I informed them that none of the radio stations are playing Christmas music and just to prove my point I changed the station. Guess what was playing on that very comes santa claus! Today Claire seemed to think that when it got dark, Santa was coming. I had to break it to her gently (about 20 times) that Santa would not be coming to the house today. Seriously...can we have Thanksgiving first?
On another note...just an update on our house situation. We found a house a few weeks ago that we fell in love with. 5 acres, charming updated cape code farmhouse, barn, playhouse, tool was perfect. We looked at it twice before we made an offer, which was quickly accepted. All was going well until the dreaded inspection. Holy cow...there were all sorts of hidden problems. Plumbing leaks, electrical issues, some strucural issues, etc, etc, etc.. the list goes on. We could ask for an allowance from the sellers or have them drop the price, but the phrase, "money pit" kept running through my head. Scenes from Tom Hanks "money pit" movie were flashing through my head. So today we backed out of our offer based on the inspection. Suddenly a brand new house sounds very appealing! :) One of these days things will work out, right??

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Ditto Family said...

How frustrating! I was wondering what you guys had decided. There are certainly advantages to a new house but you miss out on those charming characteristics of an old house and all the established yard stuff. Wherever you guys end up moving will be perfect.