Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For the girls (or "the gils" as Jacob would say)

Just something to make you smile.



Ditto Family said...

I'm cracking up right now!

Julia said...

That was quite a list, and it could have gone on for days. I wonder what the guys would put on THEIR list. Uhhhh...
1) fix the car
2) take out the trash sometimes
3) work (although, if it's anything like Logan's office, they're lauded and adored all day)

Jonna T. said...

Wow...we really do go through alot for those guys! What makes me laugh is that most of the time I can shower, make-up, hair, supervise Chloe's process, get Koben dressed and brush his teeth in the time it takes my husband to brush teeth, shower, and shave. All the while, going through my mind is "what am I going to make for dinner? We are out of pull-ups. I need gas in my car. Did Craig pay the electric bill? Did I tell the babysitter Chloe is not coming tomorrow? Did she finish her homework? I need to do laundry"

And going through his mind...."did she buy a different kind of soap?"

He does do a lot, and I truly love him, but sometimes you wonder if they know all the things you do to make it look like you aren't doing anything!