Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend update

My brother became a married man over the weekend. We enjoyed a nice, quiet wedding in
my parents backyard. The weather was perfect and the food was great. Stephen and Oksana were glowing the whole night. I'm excited to see him so happy and i can't wait to get to know Oksana better. Welcome to the family!

Stephen and Oksana cutting the cake.

On another note: Jacob recently outgrew his bike, so we bought him a new one and Cole inherited Jacob's old bike. We told Cole that he would be getting a bike for his birthday. So Brent took the bike apart and painted it red and applied some vinyl decals. The decal on the side says "cole" with flames. On the front is a small dragon. (he requested a dragon?) Cole is in LOVE with his bike and I love that he is so happy and excited about a hand-me-down. He asks every day if we can go for a bike ride. He is getting better and faster at riding every day. He's such a fun boy.


Amanda said...

Your hand- me- downs are way more fun then ours! I haven't ever done much to spruce up the old thing getting passed on, my kids don't mind though. That is all that matters I guess!

Jonna T. said...

The pictures are great. I heard it was a beautiful wedding, and I'm glad you posted a couple photos. They are quite a handsome couple. I all the sudden feel quite old!

Anonymous said...

They make a beautiful couple!

The Woman said...

Great looking couple. Oh and that bike is awesome I thought it was store bought so the paint job is excellent

Ditto Family said...

Beautiful wedding!

Love the bike job!

Happy Birthday Cole!