Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Cole!

Cole turned four yesterday and we had a fun day celebrating. He was so excited for his birthday and has promised that he'll stop sucking his thumb when he turned four. I have a feeling that will be a hard bargain to keep.
Cole had "batman brownies" for his b-day. Although when it came down to it all he wanted was the ice cream.
We spent the afternoon at the Gilbert house with his cousins. (A children's interactive museum) The kids had a great time. Cole is such a good boy and i've loved having him around. I'm looking forward to more one-on-one time with him as Jacob starts school in the fall. Cole is always quick to say, i'm sorry and give me a hug, when he's made me mad. He is definately my most mischevious child, but in an innocent way. He is always breaking, spilling, getting into something. He is just curious. He loves to be in the garage with Brent, playing with his tools. He will be Brent's right hand man someday as they fix things together. He's a great boy and i feel blessed to have him!

I had to add this picture. Until recently we had no markers in the house, and this is why. Claire has just discovered the joy of markers. I was actually just glad she got it on herself and not on my carpet. :)


Ditto Family said...

It's been too long since we have seen you. Claire is so big--I don't think I could have pulled her out of a crowd. Can't wait to have some time to catch up in a few weeks.

Cole's birthday looks like a winner!

The Woman said...

Happy Birthday

Amanda said...

I think we all need a kid like Cole. I have one too!!! Happy Birthday!