Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break Update

Spring Break is not a huge change for us, having only one child in school. But Malia was able to do something really fun this year. My mom took her on a trip to San Diego to visit her cousins. This was her first airplane ride and she was really excited. She had so much fun, she came home happy and exhausted. She took a 3+ hour nap on Sunday. She was able to go to the beach, go to the San Diego wildlife park, and play with her cousins. I was amazed at how much I missed her. ( I know that sounds bad) I had to restrain myself from calling during the day to check up on her and I was so happy to have her come home. Thanks Dawn for letting her come, and a big thanks to my Mom for taking her!

While Malia was away enjoying the sunshine, we endured a week of rain, hail and snow. It was FREEZING! So we didn't get outside too much. To make the week a little special for the boys we did a few things. Friday I got a babysitter for Claire and took the boys to see "Horton hears a who." Jacob and I loved it! Cole was a little indifferent. I guess him saying, "i'm ready to go home now" halfway through the movie, is a sign he's not quite ready for the theater. After the movie we walking around downtown and got an ice cream cone. I'm sure this was the highlight of the trip for Cole.

Saturday we took the boys to Chuck-e-cheese. Ahhh...chuck-e-cheese. I can never leave that place without feeling dizzy from all of the chaos. And Chaos it was! But the boys had a great time. They have been playing together so well lately. They'll get up in the morning and start playing legos in their room. They'll stay in there for hours just playing. (With an occasional scream or shout). But for the most part they play really well. It makes me kind of glad that Jacob didn't go back to his "playschool" this semester. They really keep each other entertained.
Claire is doing great. She is eating like a crazy girl ever since she was sick. I'm sure she's gained back the weight she lost. She seems to have no interest in walking...she'll take a step or two but then just fall into my arms. She's pretty content crawling. And she no longer army crawls...she is now crawling like a normal baby. She has been so happy and fun.

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Ditto Family said...

That does sound like a great Spring Break for everyone! We just started ours today. Glad someone enjoyed the sunshine!