Monday, March 10, 2008

Adventures in Spokane

We took a quick trip to Spokane this weekend. We left Friday afternoon and arrived around 10:30pm. On the way there, about 30 miles outside of Spokane our gas light came on. And I have to mention that I was driving and keeping an eye on the gas gauge. Twice I asked Brent, "do you think we should fill up?" "No we'll be fine" was the reply. So anytime the gas light comes on i'm a nervous wreck. Can you imagine running out of gas 30 miles from the nearest town, at 10:00 at night with 4 sleeping kids in the car? So I turned off on the nearest exit..about 10 miles later. The only gas station in town was closed. So back onto the freeway we went. By now my hands are sweating and the gaslight is like a neon sign shining in my eyes. Brent keeps assuring me that we'll make it...but I jumped on the next chance to fill up (another 10 miles later) The van took 20.5 gallons of gas. The next day we looked in our car manual and found out that we had a 21 gallon tank. We were 1/2 gallon away from running out of gas. This is one instance when i'm glad I didn't listen to my hubby! (love you hon!)
The rest of the trip was great. The reason we went was for Brent's brother Andrew who was heading out on his mission on Monday. He will the serving our church ( in the Mexico, Leon mission. So we were able to attend the temple with him and spend some time with him before he left. We had a fun time shooting off rockets and flying kites at a park, talking and laughing and eating The trip went by way too fast and here we are home again. Back to the usual routine. We always look forward to those times when we can get together with family...!


EdgyK said...

I start to stress once the tank gets to half-way. I figure filling it up once it gets to the half-way point is my way of being prepared for an emergency. I know that's weird.

Anth said...

My husband decided we should not let our cars get below half a tank. It is one more reason he gives himself to nag me. Yay me.

I am so glad you heeded your own intuition and did not become stranded in eastern Washington with four children. That would have been a nightmare!!!!

Ditto Family said...

Even though it was a quick trip, it was sure wonderful to spend a little time together!

mattyc said...

I know its been awhile since we have last had any sort of communications. Im glad to here that you were able to make it to a gas station thats a little to close of a call right there and I know that there isnt a whole lot in between here and the Ritzvile area to be able to get gas. Know that if your ever in that situation again when your out there, ill be more then willing to drop off some gas for you all. Take care and hope to here from you soon.