Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinewood Derby Champ!

Last weekend was our Tri-Ward pinewood derby. I am probably more nervous than Jacob when it comes to these Pinewood derby's. Jacob did most of the sanding and all the painting, but as a dad, I am in charge of car performance. If the car fails to perform that means the dad has failed in some aspect of the car creation. So although I pretend not to care about how well the car performs (I don't want to get my kids' hopes up to much). After the first heat of 4, Jacob was third place. He ended up winning the next 2 heats to finish third in the last heat. There were about 35 cars there so we were not sure how things would end up. As it turned out, Jacob's car was the fastest in our ward and third over all. They awarded trophies by ward so Jacob got a first place trophy! I was a very proud father! Next year I'll have to make 2 cars (I mean I'll have two kids in cubs making cars) so the pressure will be on. Until then we'll just enjoy the win! Nice job Jacob. Notice the sweet OSU car!


Anonymous said...

That is one sweet pinewood derby car!

Ditto Family said...

Sweet! Now why isn't Jacob smiling? I'm guessing it is because of his love of the camera. Way to go Brent...opps, I mean Jacob!!

Stephen R. said...

I won a pinewood derby in my HS design class with an orange car. It was pretty sweet. I hollowed out the back part, melted down some lead pellets and then poured it into the back. Somehow this wasn't cheating (I think the whole class had access to this technique).