Thursday, May 5, 2011

Signing tomorrow!

The day has finally come! We sign papers tomorrow!! We aren't sure if we will be able to move in this weekend or next week, because technically the funding won't go through until Monday. It will depend on our builder and we should know by this afternoon. Luckily most of our stuff is still packed in storage, so there isn't tons of packing to do. We've kind of slacked on our picture taking lately. Here are a couple pictures of the counters that Brent installed HIMSELF last night. He got home at about 2:30 in the morning. The pics are from his phone and not the best quality, but you get the idea. I LOVE the counters! We have to give a huge thanks to Than Norman who helped Brent cut them out and gave us a great deal. I've spent a few nights the last few weeks painting, I have all of the downstairs/kitchen area done and the upstairs living area done. It's funny because I was looking for a nice neutral yellow/beige/creamish color. I looked in magazines, online, and had several samples up on the wall...but I couldn't find that perfect color that I was imagining in my head. Then i was at my Sis-in-laws house and in her bedroom was the color that I was looking for. She happened to have 5 gallon container of it in her basement (which felt completely full!) That she was done with and so she gave it to me, and it's PERFECT. I love it. I'll try to get better pictures during the daytime. :) We can't wait for you to all to come visit!


Julia said...

The counter tops look AMAZING. I can't wait to see everything in person!

Ditto Family said...

Oh my goodness -- so exciting and gorgeous. I can't wait to see everything all done. I bet you and Brent are EXHAUSTED from all your late nights.