Friday, April 15, 2011

quick update

I've have a backlog of posts, but with the new computer, I haven't figured out how to upload my pictures off the camera. We don't have the right cord and the memory card no longer fits into the computer. So...I've been putting off posting. One of these days i will post about Claire's 4th birthday and our trip to Oregon for spring break. But I really want to include pictures.
Things are continuing to go well with the house. Things are starting to get busy. I feel like i've been to home depot, lowe's and the tile place, a million times this past week. The outside of the house is all painted. The interior is being painted today. They are just painting it white and I will do all of the "color." In order to save some money, Brent and I are laying tile and laminate wood flooring. We are going to start the tiling this weekend. We are excited to see the final touches going in. (By the way..we picked the lighter granite.)
On another note, Malia started soccer for the first time. She has her first game tomorrow and is pretty scared. She's also sporting a 101 degree temperature today. So hopefully she doesn't miss her first game. Well, that's a quick update, hopefully i'll figure out this picture things pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you will be living in your OWN HOUSE soon! ha! So excitng. Can't wait to see some more pictures!

EdgyK said...

I hope you get all techno savvy so we can see pictures soon. So sorry I missed the party at Amy's. Young Women stuff is kicking my can. Wednesday is always an extremely busy day for me. I am super super excited about your house. I love how you decorate and it's going to be fabulous. We need to chat soon.

I hope Malia gets well for her game.

Scott and I just put laminate floors in our dining and family room area. We love it. I will try to post pictures to my blog soon.

Ditto Family said...

Exciting times!!! I can't wait to see what you decide with all the house stuff. Good luck Malia!