Sunday, September 12, 2010

New school, new shoes

Guess who left their camera in Keizer last weekend. Guess who didn't realize this until it was time for "first day of school pics." I'm so lame.
School started last week for the three older kids. They were all nervous about starting a new school. Heck, I was nervous. But they all came home happy after the first day, and the next day and the next...I think it will all work out. :)
So the week before school started I took the kids to wal-mart to pick out one new school outfit. Gone are the days of several new school's been reduced down to one. Well, Malia found a pair of shoes that she really wanted, that I refused to buy for her. They were only ten dollars so I told her she could earn the money herself and buy them. Heck, when I was in school I had to buy ALL of my own school clothes. I got up at 6am in the summer to pick strawberries to buy those school clothes. Nevermind that she's only 9. Around the same time she learned how to finger knit at the YMCA youth zone. She spent hours finger knitting scarves and then decided she wanted to sell them door to door. I would rather have a root canal than sell things door to door, but being the good mom that I am, I agreed. I found myself hiding behind bushes and trees to avoid being spotted by neighbors. Bless those neighbors...they were good to Malia. She was selling her scarves for a quarter, but several people gave her a dollar. Soon she had enough for her a new pair of earrings. I have to say I was pretty proud of my little girl. Lesson learned: when your child wants something bad enough, they will figure out a way to get it. (which hopefully doesn't involve stealing)


Deyce said...

I'm with you on the door-to-door sales. Goooooo Malia! Glad you guys are settling in. Does it look like the rent to own is going through?

Julia said...

You are hilarious. I know the feeling of hiding behind bushes. I do the exact same thing while "trying to teach my kids a lesson." Good for Malia!!!!

Ditto Family said...

Deena -- What a cool story!! What is finger knitting? It sounds hard. I let the kids all pick out a new shirt--so you are even nicer than me. Oh wait...I think everyone got new tennis shoes too but that was because they had outgrown them.

I miss you.

family member said...

What a trooper! I looked at girl's clothes last night at Kohl's. I was looking for Christmas since I had an extra 30% off coupon. I'm not sure I'll be getting clothes this year for the girls. I pretty much hated almost everything I saw. I was so disappointed.