Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We miss you!

In October we had a new family move in across the street from us. We became fast friends. Our kids were the same ages and loved playing together. Jorie became a great friend and helped me out with babysitting and was so easy to talk to. Unfortunately (for us) they had another job opportunity come up in Las Vegas and they had to move. Even though we only knew them for 6 months, we felt like we knew them forever and were so sad to see them go. Here's some pics of the kids right before they left.

Cole and Madelyn, they were in the same kindergarten class and loved playing together
Jacob and Caden were also in the same first grade class, as well as the same primary class. These two were best friends

All of the kids including Claire. We love these guys, and miss them so much!


Ditto Family said...

Always hard to see good friends move. Hopefully it will be your turn soon! How is the house market?

Amanda Davis said...

We have had this happen to us a lot! We hate it when people we love move away!

EdgyK said...

Those are super cute pictures. I was sad they had to move so quick and I'll be super sad to see you guys go too.