Thursday, October 29, 2009

October update

So i've been feeling a little "blah" about the blog lately. Haven't felt like writing much because sometimes I feel like i'm just writing to myself. But then I reminded myself that this blog also serves as a sort of family journal, so it's time to get the ball rolling again. October has been pretty busy. I can't believe how fast it's flown by. The kids are anxious for Halloween. (pics to follow) and we are planning a big Halloween dinner for some friends.
I've also been busy getting ready for our upcoming craft fair the first weekend in December. Last year I did a lot of "last minute" preparations and i'm trying to avoid that this year.
Some other news is that Brent and I managed to get ourselves the leads in the church Christmas play. Scary! (for everyone else) Malia really wanted to read for a part, so we went down to the church and I read with her. A week later the director lady called me and pleaded with me to have a role in the play. Not because I was great, but because it turns out that no other female adults tried out. I've been regretting my decision a little when Malia came to me and said "look Mom, you have 231 lines, the next biggest part only has 100) Yikes...this brain of mine is not quite as sharp as it used to be, and memorizing 231 lines could be a challenge. Brent reluctantly took the male lead part when he realized that I would have to kiss another guy on the cheek. Can't have that in a church play. :) (maybe that's not the real reason...but kind of close) Anyway, i've been a little worried about the whole thing.
Jacob had some exciting news last week. His school was holding their annual jog-a-thon fundraiser and they have a big assembly where they draw names for prizes. The whole school is entered. Jacob won the grand prize. A 16-in-1 game table. Foosball, pool, darts, etc. The kids were so excited, it was like Christmas around here.
Well, i'm off to the kids' school...Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween! Good luck with your play. You're one good lady to agree to do that!

Ditto Family said...

Blessed blogged!! I almost lost hope in you. : )

You guys will do AWESOME in the play! When is it?

How exciting about Jacob's prize! My kids want to come play.

Deyce said...

Exciting news! I can't believe you're in a play. Way to go! Just think of the memories that you'll be creating. When are the performances?

By the way, I love keeping up with you guys by reading your blog, so when you think no one is interested...think again.

Way to go, Jacob! I always felt like I was super unlucky when it came to drawings. Maybe Jacob has the lucky blood in the family.

Julia said...

You are NOT just writing to yourself--I check your blog every day, even though I told myself I would only check blogs on Monday. I'm kind of lame with self-control and things like that. And congrats on the parts in the play! I knew you guys had something special after your masterful performance at the Harvey talent show.

Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing. Wow - it's fun to have Christmas in November! I can't believe the play - it does sound hard to memorize that much, but maybe it's good for our brains to use them once in a while - ha ha. I'll bet you'll have a great time working together as a family and with other ward members - like Deyce said, "making great memories." I can't wait to hear how it goes. Wish we were closer - we'd be there!
I Ditto (no pun intended) those before me who enjoy checking your blog and hearing how you're doing. I also try not to check TOO often, but I'm always excited to see what's new with your family, so keep on blogging!!!

Dawn said...

I noticed that I capitalized, "Ditto" in my comment, when it should have just been, "ditto." OOPS. I think I need to memorize 231 lines of something to strengthen my brain cells!