Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost time...

we've been having some serious computer issues. we lost most of the stuff on our hard drive, but installed a new drive and then last night ended up with some horrible virus on our main computer. So here I am again on the kids computer. I will blame my lack of new posts on our annoying computer.
So we've had fun winding down our summer. A few weekends ago we went camping at silver creek falls. we had a great time, although the camp sites were packed together and lacked any privacy, the kids didn't mind. It was the hottest weekend of the summer hitting 100, but up in the mountains it was perfect. we played in the water, went to a little demonstration by the forest rangers about bats, and ate smores.
Last weekend we took a trip down to corvallis to go swimming at otter beach. the kids had a blast and we stayed for about 4 hours. One of these days i'll post some pictures!
i took the kids to the Oregon state fair on Monday for $1 ride day. It was awesome. Usually they don't get to ride the rides, but being $1 day they got to ride several. There were duck races, and an omsi tent, a reptile tent and the kids also loved looking at the cake entries and picking out their favorite decorated cakes. they also make solar "smore" making boxes. not sure what the official name is. It was a fun outing for them.
Jacob had his kindergarten orientation today and it was fun to watch his excitement. He has a great teacher and is in a class with several kids from our neighborhood and church, so that makes it easier. He is so ready to start school. Malia starts in a week and is excited as well. I am also very excited! I have to admit that I probably look forward to school starting more than they do. back to school, back to sanity


Jonna T. said...

I always think at the beginning of each summer, "oh lazy days" I can sleep in with kids, hang out in the yard, go to the park, and so on and so forth.

I'm not quite sure what happened. I think we slept in one day. We made it to the park twice, and my yard is lacking some serious work. And now it's over? Being an adult sure stinks sometimes. It all goes by so fast.

I have to say though, I am looking forward to the two hours of peace this year while Koben is in preschool!

Ditto Family said...

Glad to see that I am not the only one looking forward to the school year. I am again reminded that homeschooling is not cut out for me.

The fair sounded like great fun. Why aren't out rides $1.00. Our kids would love that.

What are your labor day plans?