Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of school!

We sent Malia off for her first day of 1st grade. When she woke up she said "I just feel like screaming, i'm so excited!" She loved her teacher and her favorite thing about her day was P.E. It was strange having her gone ALL day.

Jacob's preschool doesn't start until October, so I still have the three younger ones home all day. During the day Jacob found several things to keep himself busy. I was impressed when I gave the boys pretzels for snack and Jacob managed to spell his name (all by himself)with his pretzels. Now that's talent. :)

Brent is gearing up for his annual all-brothers hike. This year he and his brothers are going to Mt. Jefferson. Which leaves me all alone with 4 kids for 3 least one of us is having fun! In all seriousness, he looks forward to this hike more than anything, so i'm sure there will be some pics posted soon.


Julia said...

I'm glad the first day of school went smoothly. I hope you're faring well without Brent.

Ditto Family said...

I love that first picture of Brent giving Claire a "Grannie neck kiss." It is so wonderful (and a blessing) when the kids look forward to going to school.

You are a terrific mom! Good luck this weekend! MOM POWER!!

Anonymous said...

You guys have adorable kids. Good luck, Deena. 4 kids by yourself...oof! You're a great mom...I'm sure you'll do great.